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Get em while they’re hot!

A NEW batch of Chef Meleka McGee's signature spice, Electric Flava, is ready to ship in our new tumblers. We have original and mild as well as sodium level options! Order today!

Chef Meleka McGee’s Electric Flava

What folks are saying about ELECTRIC FLAVA….

I put the flava on EVERYTHING!

~ Maleah Sanders‎

If you are not putting #Flava on your fruits you are missing out!

~ Angie Tibbs

I really Like Electric Flava and use it every day.

~ Alla Kireeva‎

I put some in my Mashed Potatoes and the kids said, “Dad!!! What was that?!” I proceeded to tell them that was that New Electric Flava!! Now I’m putting on our popcorn and anything else I can find!!

~ Donte Fuller

The #ElectricFlava on these eggs is EVERYTHING.

~ Carleka Spann

Getting these ribs ready for the grill with some of Chef Meleka McGee’s Electric Flava, GET YOUR FLAVA BACK!!

~ Lemuel Flagg

You HAVE to try this seasoning. It’s so much better than Ms. Dash!

~ McKaylee Fulwider Carruth