About Chef Meleka

Chef Meleka McGee cooks with her heart and soul. Growing up in Southern Illinois and familial roots from Mississippi and Alabama, her purpose is to create REAL FOOD for REAL PEOPLE that is full of flavor.  Cooking was something that always intrigued her. Being the middle child in a very loud world, her voice became her food. Every time she served a dish the room got quiet.  All the attention was on her and her food.  She loved it.  The compliments and smiling faces were confirmation that she had did something right. The experiences she gained cooking at home has provided her the most knowledge of adding FLAVA and soul to a meal.  Her mother would just “FEEL” the ingredients and make it happen.  This was the start of something “FLAVORFUL AND GREAT”.  Chef Meleka had tapped into a world that was all her own.  Nobody had the same interpretations that she had; she was finally an individual and speaking her own language known as “FLAVA”.

After weighing in at over 250 pounds, she had had enough.  She had turned into one of those parents that did everything from the couch and it was not fair to her daughter.  She started exercising daily and began eating healthy portioned meals.  The subtle changes were working and she was becoming more conscious daily. She yearned for something different though. On February 8, 2016, Chef Meleka made a decision that changed her life forever.  She was going to rededicate her life to food but this time she would have a different approach.  Instead of LIVING TO EAT she would now be EATING TO LIVE. She called herself something different; she was no longer just a chef.  Chef Meleka was a FLAVOLOGIST.
As a chef, she had never looked at food this way before.  She was on the right track.  She was consistently meal prepping for herself but was sick and tired of having to juggle 5 to 7 seasonings when cooking.  It took up too much time so she told herself “there has to be an easier, faster, convenient, more consistent way to get FLAVA on my food”.  So one day while making dinner ELECTRIC FLAVA was born.
The herbs that are in her mix are ELECTRIC because they are completely natural, completely indigenous to the earth, saturated with sun rays, and are 100% alive.  ELECTRIC herbs also help to increase the copper within the nervous system promoting a greater activation and use of your brain and senses. So please join Chef Meleka in this movement and be part of something that is ELECTRIC.
Chef Meleka has over 10 years’ experience in the restaurant and hospitality business. She has her food service license from the famed Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago